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Is God good even when life is not?

Is God good, even when life is not? Struggling. Special Needs parenting. Hard Times. Is God good?

In the cool of the morning, while the sun still worked its way into the sky above, I sat on my deck overlooking the grassy back lawn, just taking it all in. I put on my favorite worship music, and sipped on my favorite coffee- oh how I loved a nice hot cup of dark roast to start my day. I could hear my little girl giggling and singing- music to my ears. I observed as she ran about, and my heart was filled with joy for all the good God had provided. “Father, you are good,” I quietly proclaimed.

But, the thing about life is that nothing on this earth is promised. Quickly, my grateful heart twisted in knots, as I noticed my once joyful daughter now struggling, jerking about uncontrollably- another seizure that had taken hold of her little body and brain. Fear gripped my heart, and the praises I was singing just moments earlier suddenly felt so distant.