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5 Tips to Fight the Long Winter Funk

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Seasonal depression is real.

It's cold and dreary.

The sun goes missing for days at a time.

The kids have snotty noses and viruses and we are all trapped inside this house

Anyone else ready for spring yet?!?!

It's mid-February and winter is dragging on!

Seasonal depression is real. 5 tips to fight depression. Anxiety. Fear. Overcoming depression. Overcoming Winter Blues. Fighting the fall funk.

Here are 5 quick tips for fighting the emotional funk that often comes along with the long winter:

Seasonal Depression. How to overcome the winter blues. Anxiety. Fighting the fall funk.


I know, I know, it's still a bit chilly most days, BUT there is some science involved in the thought process that fresh air does the body and mind some good. In fact, a study led by Stanford University determined there to be quantifiable evidence that simply walking outdoors has measurable mental benefits and may reduce the risk of depression.

SO, stick your head out the window for a bit. Spend a few minutes walking outdoors. Be intentional about breathing in fresh air and observing the nature around you!


The old saying says it all, "You are what you eat."

Emotional and mental struggles can cause us to cling to food for comfort- cookies, ice cream, anything deep fried... mmmmmm.

BUT, the food you eat directly affects your brain function. In fact many of our additive filled "comfort" foods have been shown to cause inflammation in the brain.

Choosing to fuel your body with real food might be difficult at first, but it can make a difference in your total health!

Seasonal Depression. How to overcome the winter blues. Anxiety. Fear. Depression. Fighting the fall funk.


Ha, I know for some of us moms this is laughable. BUT, rest makes such a huge difference in our emotional well being.

Many experts agree that improving sleep habits can improve overall mental health.

So, turn that TV off a bit earlier than normal, or let yourself sleep in for a change.


Exercise is obviously good for your physical fitness, but did you know it can benefit your mental health as well?

Scientifically speaking, exercise releases "happy" hormones in your body. It is one of the best natural ways to improve mental health and has been shown to reduce anxiety, depression, and overall mood.

When you are tired or depressed the last thing you likely WANT to do is exercise, hence the ugly cycle of depression, lack of motivation, doing less and less until one does nothing at all. But, if you can bring yourself to make the choice and commit to daily physical activity it can have a BIG impact.


Lastly, and probably most important, feed your mind truth.

Getting into God's Word on a daily basis and reminding yourself of His truth can have an endless impact on your well being all the way around.

Choose to prioritize time in your day to be still and read Scripture and/or pray. Put sticky notes in your car on your mirror or around your house with Scriptures that you need to remember. Ask God to breathe truth into your life as you walk this difficult journey.

AND, remember, spring will come, eventually.....

*If you are struggling with depression please seek the advice of a mental healthcare professional. The use of anti-depressants can sometimes be beneficial in recovery.*

Seasonal Depression. Overcoming the winter blues. How to fight seasonal depression. Fall funk. Depression. Anxiety. Fear.

What additional tips would you add to the list? I'd love to hear your ideas! Leave me a comment below.

Also, you can gain control over your emotions, check it out!

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Seasonal Depression. How to fight the winter blues. 5 simple ways to overcome seasonal depression. Anxiety.

Seasonal Depression. 5 Easy ways to take control of your mental health. Fighting the winter blues. 5 practical tips to protect your mental health.

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