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Why Special Needs Siblings Matter

As the parent to a medically fragile child, I have seen how truly strong she is. I have watched her over come more in her few short years than many have in their entire life. And, I continually stand in awe of the resilient warrior she has become- the way she fearlessly battles without even realizing it.

BUT, what I've also come to recognize is that she is not the only warrior in this home. I have written before about how one child's medical needs can quickly impact the other children in the home. And, although there can be some negative issues that arise, there is also something really amazing that takes place. From a young age, these children gain such a true and wise understanding of what their sibling endures.

Just as watching my daughter struggle and fight has transformed my heart, it also begins to transform the heart of her siblings.

These siblings quickly develop some very valuable characteristics- endurance, strength, resilience, empathy, compassion, kindness, generosity, selflessness, and an inclination towards inclusion.

These brothers and sisters become SO much more than just that. They become a voice, and advocate, a caretaker, a friend, a helper.

And though here at Gracefilled Growth we often tout about the true Warrior strength of our special needs fighters, today we recognize a different warrior--- the warrior sibling.

Today, we truly say THANK YOU to those siblings who have walked a journey that many will not understand. We know it is not always easy, but through it all we see you becoming such a bright light to the world and we are grateful and proud!

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