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Where Can I Find Hope?

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Hope. Faith. True hope. Hope in Christ alone. Where can I find hope?

Hope. Where is my hope?

You see in my mind, I know I have only one hope. My hope in Christ. My hope in His promises. My hope in my future home in heaven.

But, somewhere along the circuit of my thinking there is a disconnect. A disconnect between my mind and my heart. Because while I know He is my one source of hope in this life, my heart often wanders elsewhere. I lay aside my knowledge of His eternal hope and I try to seek hope on my own.

I seek hope in the days where the kids will be older and they can wipe their own butts, and tie their own shoes, and sleep in their own beads.

I seek hope in the season when the bills are all paid and the bank accounts are plenty and finances are not a stress at all.

I seek hope in a home that is finished, elegant, and beautiful.

I seek hope in the warm season that is to come, though I know it too will pass.

I seek hope in my own accomplishments, in the accolades I receive, in the future I can make for myself.

I put hope in my money, my possessions, my relationships, the work of my own hands.

I am looking for hope all the time, and it is right there in front of me, but I cannot see it. I cannot comprehend it. Why? Because I am too busy looking in all the wrong places.

And, I am not alone. You are not alone. We are living in a hopeless world, with hopeless situations, in a hopeless society, and we all simply want a little hope. And so, we try to create our own.

But, the problem is those things we build, those things we put our hope in, they are hopeless too. They could be gone in an instant. And, then what?

And then, where do I look? Where can my hopeless soul find the rest that it so desperately needs?

I have only one hope.

Today, I choose to stop placing hope in myself, my spouse, my own accomplishments, or titles, or financial stability. These things do NOT bring true hope. And, then once more I am hopeless.

I have only one hope. My hope is in the Lord. My hope is in His promises. My hope is in the eternal home that awaits me. Cling to His hope today! Even amidst the hard places, when everything else seems hopeless, cling to His hope.

Psalm 39:7 “”But now, Lord, what do I look for? My hope is in you.”

Hope. Faith. Hope in Christ Alone. Feeling Hopeless. Where is my hope?

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