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Top 10 Resources for Cultivating Thanksgiving

Top 10 resources to cultivate a thankful heart. Thanksgiving. Gratitude. Tools to help evoke thanks this holiday season.

In only a hand full of days, Thanksgiving will be here. Undoubtedly, November has left us with the idea of gratitude on our minds. But gratitude is so much more than just a one day or one months thing.

Cultivating thanksgiving on a regular basis is important and emphasizing gratitude during the busy holiday season is equally important. BUT, how? Where do we start?

I'm so glad you asked! You see, I've been busy searching the world wide web so that you don't have to! I have found 10 fantastic articles that are must reads for your holiday season. Each one offers you a different perspective and resource to help you better understand and live out this idea of thanksgiving.

I'll stop blabbing and get to the good stuff.

Here are the top 10 resources that you need for cultivating a heart of Thanksgiving this holiday season (or anytime):

Top 10 resources to cultivate a thankful heart. Thanksgiving.  Gratitude. Tools to help evoke thanks this holiday season.

How do we raise thankful kids? What can we do to help emphasize the importance of gratitude in our children's lives? My friend over at Christ Centered Mama give some excellent pointers on just that in this article: How to Raise Thankful Kids.

How do we cultivate a heart of thanksgiving while walking through grief? What can we do to ensure we aren't putting on the false face of superficial thanksgiving? Misty Gives some thoughtful advice on the topic here: Cultivating a Thankful Heart in Grief.

Gratitude. It's a great concept, but is it truly important? And why should we strive for a heart of Thanksgiving to begin with? I love the reason given here: Giving thanks with a GRATEful heart.

Thanksgiving sounds so simple, yet living it out on some days can prove to be trying. Am I right? Especially in light of parenthood, we can find ourselves so empty and exhausted by the end of the day that we forget to pause and practice gratitude. I love this DIY craft over at The Littles & Me. What a great way to intentionally practice Thanksgiving together?

Did you know there are legitimate health benefits, both mental and physical) that come with the intentional living out of gratitude daily? Wow! God check out this info on how gratitude can be life changing from us here at Gracefilled Growth.

We all have our own opinions about being thankful, but at the end of the day, our opinions really don't matter. Check out what God's Word has to say with these 11 Scriptures about Thanksgiving.

It's not too difficult to imagine cultivating a thankful heart for a day or even for a month, but how do we truly LIVE out a thankful life every single day? Check out his exercise to encourage thankful living all year round.

Let's face it- the days around this Thanksgiving holiday can become stressful. Traveling or family in town, or trying to host that perfect meal- it can all be too much. And high stress is often the instant killer of a thankful heart. That's why I love this resource. Check out these great ways to rock this holiday season.

One sure way to intentionally choose gratitude is to intentionally get in God's Word on a daily basis. Check out this fantastic information and tools to help get you started with Scripture Gratitude Journaling.

Sometimes gratitude doesn't come naturally, so why should we continue to strive to practice thanksgiving? Alicia over at Turquoise Grace give four fantastic reasons why you must choose a thankful heart. And, I think you need to read them!

Top 10 resources to cultivate a thankful heart. Thanksgiving. Gratitude. Tools to help evoke thanks this holiday season.

There you have it, friends! 10 different resources for all your Thanksgiving needs! Which one is your favorite? Check them all out and let me know!

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