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To the Special Needs Mom Who Sits Alone

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

To the special needs mom who sits alone. Special Needs parenting. Loneliness. Motherhood.

To the mom who sits alone....

Alone because the world is always moving on without her,

Alone because the chaos is too much,

Alone because no one realizes the truth of her reality.....

To the mom who sits alone.....

Holding a fragile child,

Calming a frustrated toddler,

Telling the kid you love over and over that it will be ok.

To the mom who sits alone.....

During ball games and barbecues,

Birthday Parties and firework displays,

Weddings and outdoor adventures.

To the mom who sits alone....

For a hundred reason, that really all boil down to one....

Because its too hot, or too bright,

Too overwhelming or too exhausting,

Too difficult to maneuver or too stressful to conquer...

BUT really because your child needs you, and that's all that matters.

So you sit alone, but with them....

You watch ball games from vehicle windows,

And listen to distant conversations and laughter from inside,

You send your family off on outdoor adventures with a smile, but one that aches.

You view the world from hospital rooms,

And the walls of your home become barriers that detain you from the life you once lived.

Barriers for which you wish you had never become accustomed.

To the mom of a special needs child,

Special Needs Parenting. Motherhood. Being Alone. Loneliness. Medically fragile. Being mom. Parenting alone.

Or an autism child,

Or a seizure disorder child,

Or a sensory disorder child......

Perhaps today you sit alone.

BUT, may I remind you that you are NOT.

Not alone in this world.

Not alone in these hard places.

Can we sit alone together?

Asking God to meet us here, where our hearts grow feeble and faint?

Because though I sit alone, I am not alone. And, neither are you.

".... for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

Special needs parenting. Being mom. Motherhood. Parenting a medically fragile child. Loneliness. Being Alone.

Special Needs Parenting. Isolation. Being alone. Loneliness. Parenting a medically fragile child. Motherhood.

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