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The True Secret To Finding Happiness Today

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

How can I find the true secret to living a happy life? Find your answer here.

When we are kids, we think we will be happier once we grow older, that way we are in charge.

When we grow older, we decide we will be happier once our schooling is done. Life will be so much easier.

When our schooling is over, we decide we will be happier if we could just launch our career. After all, that's the true proof of success.

Once our careers have begun, we decide we will be happier if we get married. We should share this success with someone.

After we've been married, we realize we will probably be happier if we had some kids. Family is important.

Then once babies have arrived, we decide maybe we will be happier once this bay stage is over. These children are exhausting.

And soon, as the babies grow into kids, we think perhaps we will be happier once they are still a bit older. We need some independence of our own.

Soon, we will get this house remodeled. Once that's finished, we'll be happier, we think.

Now that life is moving on, we recognize the true key to happiness is probably retirement. We will be happier once we find freedom from this career we wanted so badly.

And as independence is now gained, we suppose we will likely be happier once those kids fill our house with grandbabies. It's too quiet here.

Finally, we think if only retirement brought further wealth, then we will for sure be happier.

Alas, we look back at life and realize we've been waiting all this time to be happier, but we never were.

The truth is happiness cannot be gained by a circumstance or position.

Happiness is a choice we make.

To embrace the present.

To choose contentment in the mundane.

To smile, and laugh. And to simply recognize that happiness is right in front of us, if only we choose to choose it.

The secret to happiness. Finding happy. Choosing happiness. What must I do to be happy?

Can I be happy? How can I live a truly happy life? Find the secret here.

The secret to happiness. Finding happy. Choosing happiness. How to be happy. What must I do to be happy?

Have you embraces happiness today?

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