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The 3 Secrets You need to Know About Balancing Motherhood

How can I balance all that motherhood requires? Here are 3 secrets you need to know about balancing motherhood.

I was recently a part of a survey where a group of moms were asked, "What's the one thing you are struggling with most in motherhood right now?"

My answer: Balance. Feeling like there is not enough of me to do what needs to be done. An overwhelming feeling that I am falling short in ALL the areas.

And, as I scrolled through the answers, I noticed that I was not the only one. In fact, many of the answers were laced with this concept. One of feeling stretched in a hundred different directions. One of feeling like all the balls that have been juggled are now falling to the floor. Momma, can you relate?

It's no secret that motherhood is a demanding task. Taking care of these little people. Ensuring that they are fed, and dressed, and bathed. Teaching them lessons. Playing referee. Offering correction where needed. Being chauffeur, and cook, and maid.

Add to the list any type of career, or hobby, or outside responsibility. And then there are friendships that need attention, and of course a spouse who deserves more than just the leftovers..... And, probably a hundred other responsibilities you could add to your list....

Just thinking about it is making me exhausted, how about you?

So, what's the secret to balancing this taxing list of demands?

Well, I'm not sure there is one. In fact, if you have the secret I'd love to hear it!

But I can give you the secret to watching all the balls fall gracefully. How does that sound?

Secret #1 Know that you are not alone. Every mom feels this way at some time or another. You are not some exception to the rule. No, you are the rule. Motherhood by the very definition is stretching. So, when you begin to feel alone, just remember, you are NOT.

Secret #2 Take some pressure off by prioritizing. Likely you (like myself) hold unrealistic expectations when it comes to what you can accomplish in a day. Make a list of what is MOST important. Find the areas in which you thrive, and be there as much as possible! Some things are not as important as we make them out to be.

Secret #3 GRACE. A whole lot of grace, momma. You were never called to perfection. You were never intended to do it all. When you feel like you just can't do it, lean heavily into God's grace. His grace meets us where we are, and fills in the cracks of our failings. Breathe it in. GRACE.

So, when you feel like you are falling apart, like you just cannot do it all, remember the secrets 1-3.

You are not alone.

You cannot do it all, and that's ok.

GRACE, an abundance of it.

" But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. "

2 Corinthians 12:9

How can I balance all that motherhood requires? Here are 3 secrets you need to know about balancing motherhood.

What's your hardest thing in Motherhood right now? We would love to hear from you! Login and leave a comment below.

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