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Surrendering Your Summer: A Prayer for You, Momma

Surrendering your summer: A prayer for the busy mom this summer break

If you're anything like me, you have been SO over the school year for the last several weeks.


Where have all the socks disappeared to?

And, do these little people really need lunch EVERY day?

And how do they still not know what to do in order to get ready?!??!

And then, you spend 15 minutes listening to your school aged kids bickering about who's touching who.....

And you think, wait, why was I so ready to be done with school?

So, momma, summer break is on our heals, and we want to make the most of it, right?!? I invite you to join me in this summer break prayer. May God help us all :)


We invite you into our summer break.

We pray that you would meet us here this summer amidst the fun, and busy-ness, and long summer days.

We surrender our plans to you.

We know that sometimes our expectations can be unrealistic.

Help us to find the good in each day, and be grateful for the little things.

Fill our hearts with peace as we attempt to calm the chaos.

Give us strength to love our kids the way you love, even when that means doing the hard things of discipline and discipling.

Help us to find rest here.

May our eyes be fixed on you throughout the joy-filled memories of summer break.

And, when we are weak, remind us to lean into your unending grace.

Thank you God for summer break.


Surrendering your summer: A prayer for the mom of littles

What would you add to our summer prayer? We'd love to hear from you! Drop a comment below.

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Love this and need to be praying this daily! Would add - give me a hunger for your Word and discipline to renew my mind in truth daily. And teachable moments to share truth with our kids.


Summer comes with so many of its own challenges for sure. So glad that I am not the only mama out there praying for calm to get through the chaos. Thank you for the reminder to surrender the crazy stuff and the good stuff to God!


Sarah Lango
Sarah Lango
May 25, 2018



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