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Releasing Holiday Stress

Holiday stress. Releasing the weight of Christmas expectations. Motherhood. It's ok.

Christmas. It's a magical time of year, isn't it? BUT, who creates the magic?

In most cases, and in most households it seems the responsibility to create the perfect holiday experience falls heavily upon Mom, you and me. We are the ones with a long list of expectations placed upon us. In some cases these expectations grow from our own desires, and in other cases they come directly from our families or friends.

Holiday expectations. Releasing the weight of Christmas stress. Fixing our eyes on Christ. Motherhood.

It's quite easy to take a glance on social media during the month of December and feel like you just aren't doing enough. EVERYONE is doing. and going. and seeing. and shopping. and creating. and baking. and crafting..... and doing ALL the things that one is supposed to do this time of year.

And, to be honest, my momma heart and grow quite discouraged. Because most days, if the kids are fed, and bathed, and the homework gets done.... that's pretty dang good.

Thinking of adding a million Christmas things to my list of responsibilities feels overwhelming. Maybe you can relater?

So this is for you (and for me, obviously):

Momma, it’s ok.

It’s ok if you haven’t bought a single Christmas present yet.

It’s ok if you don’t send out Christmas cards, or write Christmas letters.

It’s ok if you don’t have an elf, or a shepherd, or an advent calendar to busy your time each day.

It’s ok if your tree isn’t perfect.

It’s ok if the lights never made it up.

It’s ok if the kids haven’t made it to visit Santa, or the Polar Express, or your local Winter wonderland location.

It’s OK.

Momma, you’re doing good.

Even if you can’t get your kids everything they ask for.

Even if nothing goes as planned.

Even if you burn the cookies, or can’t make it to the school parties, or fail to find the perfect wrapping paper.

You ARE doing GOOD.

Releasing the weight of holiday expectations. Christmas stress. Motherhood. Fixing our eyes on Christ.

Momma, release the expectations.

Release your quest for perfection.

Release the idea that every moment of this season should be magical and bright.

Release the falsity that this whole thing rides on your shoulders.

AND, remember that the mess of it all, your shortcomings, the way in which expectations will surely be unmet are kinda what it’s all about anyways….

Because our humanity beckoned God to send a baby to make it all right.

SO, rest easy momma.

And embrace the imperfections that remind us of our need for a Savior.

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A letter to the mom,a who is overwhelmed by holiday stress. Christmas expectations. Motherhood.


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Amber Durgan
Amber Durgan
Dec 19, 2018

I very much agree with you! I think that if we would just let Christmas happen - choosing maybe a handful of things we WANT to do and not pressuring ourselves to doing the rest it would make for less stress!


This is perfect timing because as I receive Christmas cards I keep thinking "why can't I get my act together and have Christmas cards for once". Giving yourself grace is so necessary. <3


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