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A Thank you Letter to Mom

Updated: May 9, 2019

Happy Mother's Day. How to tell mom thank you. A thank you letter to mom. Motherhood.

Dear mom,

Thank you. 

Thank you for that moment in time when you decided to give up a part of yourself in order to give me life.  For that moment when you knew your heart would never be the same again. For that moment when you unknowingly trusted me with a piece of yourself.

Thank you for being there for me from the very beginning. Thank you for the sleepless nights you spent calming my fears, and now for those same gentle  words that calm my fears today. 

Thank you for being my first. My first kiss, my first fan, my first love, and my first friend.  Thank you for being willing to come in last, in order to put your family first. For emptying yourself out each day, in order to pour into our lives, feeling like maybe you didn’t have any more to give, still you gave.

Mom, thank you for the days that you contentedly exchanged wearing that fancy department store perfume, for the smell of baby lotion and spit up.  For the times you stood over my crib watching me sleep, taking in each breathe, and whispering a prayer for my future. 

Thank you for doing the hard stuff of parenting- yes, the groundings, and timeouts, and even those spankings (that looking back I’m sure I deserved).

Thank you mom, for setting aside your career, your dreams, for a time in order to fully invest in my life.  And, then for teaching me that it’s never too late to dream again.  Thank you for working long hours, at a job you may or may not even like, in order to provide for my needs. And for showing me that hard work matters.

Thank you for your success because you showed me that I too can be successful. And, Thank you for your failures, because in turn you showed me that it is better to go for something and fail than to never try at all. 

Happy Mother's Day. How to tell mom thank you. A thank you letter to mom. Motherhood.

Happy Mother's Day. How to tell mom thank you. A thank you letter to mom. Motherhood.

Thank you for the frustrated tears you cried in secret, for the corny jokes that brought laughter, and for the cries of help to God on my behalf.

Thank you, mom, for sticking with me through the ups & downs of each stage of life, rather I was a tantrum throwing toddler, a 16 year old trouble maker, or an adult trying to make my way in the world. Through the good decisions and the bad you did not leave my side. Thank you for NEVER giving up on me, even when I had given you every reason to do just that. 

For supporting me in my passions and goals. For cheering me on every chance you had. Thank you for being my best friend in life, but still knowing when to step back and put your mom pants on. 

For never waivering in the truth, even when it meant disagreeing with my decisions. For teaching me that I am not always right and loving me through my mistakes.  Thank you for allowing me to have my space to struggle, but for welcoming me with a warm embrace and Godly wisdom when I was ready to humble myself and ask for advice.

Thank you for making me feel special when the world around me says I’m simply ordinary.  Thank you for believing in me when I had lost all belief in myself. And mostly, thank you for being a picture of Christ’s love in my life, through your sacrifice, your grace, and your unwavering love.

Mom, you are a superhero. A friend. A helper. A shoulder to cry on. 

You are a comforter,a Rescuer, and a prayer warrior.

  You are strength, love, joy, goodness, & humility. 

You are a mom. And, today, we say thank you

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Happy Mother's Day. How to tell mom thank you. A thank you letter to mom. Motherhood.

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Sandy Hogan
Sandy Hogan
25 may 2018

Beautifully written post! I am not a mom but missing my own mom who passed in 2015. And such a pretty site by the way!!

Me gusta

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