I Chose Faith: A Mothers Journey Finding Hope

I’ll never forget that day. The one that changed my life forever.

The day when it all got REAL, if you know what I mean? My faith could no longer be just a blanket of inspiring statements and flowery words. No, this is the place where that road came to an end and I had to decide which direction to go from there. I had to decide if this HOPE could be real in spite of all circumstances or if it merely was the aforementioned blanket that offered little true comfort in time of need.

The phone call was not unexpected. A call from my house. BUT, the information on the other end of the line took me by surprise. The panicked voice indicated that something was wrong--- but I could hardly imagine that it was something truly serious; after all, I had only been gone for a matter of minutes.

As I rushed home, I felt surprisingly calm--- but the calm quickly faded as I witnessed my 3-month-old daughter- her little body jolting about in a manner I had never witnessed before. Her eyes unresponsive to my voice. Her breathing growing more shallow by the moment....

This article is a portion of a guest post over at Smile On Purpose. Read the rest of the story here.

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