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How to stop dehumanizing those with Special Needs & Disabilities

Special Needs Parenting. Advocate. How to stop dehumanizing those with disabilities and special needs. Ben's Adventures book.

As parents of special needs kiddos we recognize that our kids are different.

Maybe they process the world around them differently.

Perhaps their emotions come out in a more explosive manner.

Some of our kids may be unable to talk—they can’t tell us what they are thinking with words like the rest of the world around them.

Our kids can be more fragile, and yet also so much stronger than words can even describe.

Yes, our kids will always be “different”—yet they are still kids.

Kids who may enjoy the sunshine on their face, a dip in the pool, or a ride on the swing.

Kids who may not always be able to say what they are thinking and yet with their smiles and the light in their eyes—they say it all!

What is it that your kiddo enjoys?

Do they love a certain movie? Or to watch bubbles take form in the air around them?

Do they love being outside? Or splashing at the edge of the swimming pool?

Here’s the thing, in some ways, the world around us unintentionally dehumanizes those with special needs.

Because they can’t speak we forget they have emotions.

Because they can’t run we forget how they long for play.

But God still created these kids so beautifully unique. And no one sees that as well as the parents of these children.

Special Needs Parenting. Advocate. How to stop dehumanizing those with disabilities and special needs. Ben's Adventures book.

It’s time for us to continue breaking the stigma.

How can we help open the eyes of the world around us to better see our kids for who they are?

Elizabeth gives a beautiful tribute to the life of her son and all kiddos living with disabilities in this short and adorably illustrated story book.

Ben’s Adventures chronicles the life of Ben and the things he loved. It taps into the imagination and emotions of a child without verbal skills and reliant upon a wheelchair. It reminds the world that this child is more like other kids than we often realize.

And you can get Ben’s Adventures—A day at the beach for a very reasonable price on Amazon:

The tag line for this book is this: Ben can't walk. Ben can't talk. But that's okay. ALL kids can play and dream.


If you love this Ben's Adventure book, keep your eyes peeled for Elizabeth's new book: Ben's Adventures-- Day at the Circus. Coming soon!

Special Needs Parenting. Advocate. How to stop dehumanizing those with disabilities and special needs. Ben's Adventures book.
Pictured: Ben and his mommy, Elizabeth

About the Author:

Elizabeth Gerlach is a triplet mom who was inspired to develop Ben’s Adventures as a tribute to

her young son Benjamin who passed away in 2016. Ben had cerebral palsy and other significant needs. It was important to show that despite medical & physical differences, all kids can play and dream. Ben’s triplet brother & sister are currently first graders in St. Charles.

Elisabeth also founded the Ben Smiles Memorial foundation. Ben Smiles is dedicated to enhancing the playing, learning and living of special needs kids and their families by gifting toys and other important devices to kids like their son Ben. Learn more about the Ben Smiles Memorial foundation here.

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