How to Live When Life Wrecks Your Expectations

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

What did you want to be when you grew up?

We all dreamed of being something; perhaps we even made plans for ourselves based on those dreams.

Some kids dream of being a doctor, a firefighter, or an astronaut.

Me? Aside from that stint where I thought I might be a famous musician (HA) or a big time pro basketball star (bigger HA), I always wanted to be a mom.

I literally dreamed about motherhood. I made plans for my life based on this long-term goal (if you could call it that). And, along with those dreams and plans came a level of expectation.

We all hope for and expect certain things out of life.

We hope for a Godly spouse.

We plan for a nice home.

We expect to have beautiful, healthy kids.

But, what happens when life literally rips your expectations from your grasp?

What happens when the reality you thought would be, no longer is?

My story looks a lot like this.

Life, to this point, was pretty much what I expected (except for a few extra marital spats, and a little more motherhood chaos than I could prepare for). Life was good. A husband. A home. Beautiful, healthy babies. Just like I had planned.

But then, the unthinkable happened-something you could never plan for- and life as we knew it was changed.

This article is a guest post over at Christ-Centered Mama,

read the full post here.

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