How should Easter affect my everyday?

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

If you are like many, yesterday in celebration of the Easter holiday, you gathered.

You gathered with other people , maybe you ate pancakes, or you showed up at sunrise, or you sang all your favorite Easter songs. And, then you heard the story. Perhaps a story you had never fully heard before, or like me, a story you had heard hundreds of times before.

You went to church.

And there, on Sunday morning, in the moment of remembering the Christ, the living Sacrifice, the One who has risen, it all felt so real. SO relevant.

But, it's not Sunday any more.

This cloudy Monday morning greets us, and leaves me pondering this question: Now what?!

Because if this story is real and true, it has to reach beyond Sunday morning.

And, if Jesus IS alive, how does that transform our daily lives? What does it look like to practically live a life that reflects this truth?

For me, it means this: HOPE.

Hope amidst all circumstances.

It means JOY.

A joy that transcends anything we could ever experience in this life.

It means PEACE.

A peace that makes no sense to the world around me.

It means GRACE.

Choosing to give it freely, as it has been freely given.

It means LOVE.

Living a life that shadows the fierce love of a Savior who would give his VERY self.

It means LIFE.

A life that can be lived abandoned to the God of the Universe. A life that never ends. Life that is given in abundance.

As the old hymn says, "NO guilt in life, NO fear in death. THIS is the power of Christ in me."

The story is true! My God is alive! And, that changes my life, not just on Sunday morning, but on dreary Monday morning too. And, every day that follows.

THIS is the power of Christ in me.

What are some practical ways in which the truth of the resurrection can be lived out in your life? How does it change you? I'd love to hear your input! Drop me a comment below.

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