Help Me to See Him How They Do

Lord, help me to see him how they do.

Help me to see him, tall and strong. The one who lifts them up when life has gone wrong.

Help me to see him, bold and brave. Capable of protecting from all things.

Help me to see him, caring and kind. A soft place to land when day turns to night.

Help me to see him, smart and wise.

The first place to go to receive some advice.

Often I see him through the eyes of a wife, a business partner-- a companion for life. I see his bad habits, the things left undone--- My perspective now shaded—unrealistic expectations have won.

I judge by his failures—what I wish he would do—but instead I will pray to see Him how they do.

A hero. Provider. And friend to the end.

The solver of problems. The best of all men.

Someone to confide in and tenderly love. A constant place for a big ol' bear hug.

Lord, help my eyes to not see just the bad, the bickering, and fighting, and things I wish we had.

Help me to see him through the eyes of his child--- a heart tender, forgiving, and mild. Help my eyes to admire him so—to see in him the goodness that they all too well know.

Help my eyes to change today, to see him how they do, as they giggle and play.

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