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Easter: 5 Ways to Keep Jesus In Your Celebration

Updated: Apr 5, 2018

5 easy ways to keep Jesus in your Easter celebration

The chocolate bunnies, bright colored eggs, Easter eggs hunts, and family dinners- all fun things that we think of when we think about Easter. But, as a believer, isn't it about so much more?

If Jesus is the reason for this whole Easter thing, than shouldn't he remain the focal point of our celebration?

But, how can we do this?

How can we keep Jesus the focal point, without throwing out the fun. After all, I think Jesus liked a good celebration!

Here are 5 easy ways to keep Jesus in your Easter celebration:

1. Talk about it.

There is bound to be chatter leading up to Easter Sunday- chatter about dying pretty eggs, baskets full of goodies, and extravagant Easter attire. Why not change the conversation to the true Biblical meaning of Easter? And, what better way to talk to your kids about Easter than a good book? I love reading this book to my kids to direct our conversation in the right direction:

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What Is Easter?

Board book $6.28

2. Incorporate Jesus in your Easter egg hunt.

Let's face it, the Easter egg hunt is probably the #1 thing that kids look forward to this time of year. But, how can we make those little plastic eggs about more than jellybeans? These resurrection eggs incorporate the entire Easter story within a dozen eggs and are a great way to infuse your Easter eggs with the Gospel message.

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Resurrection Eggs

12 piece set $18.99

3. Incorporate Faith focused gifts in your Easter baskets.

I have seen many families go above and beyond to provide extravagant Easter baskets for there kids, while other families focus on one small gift. Either way, incorporating a faith focused gift into your children's Easter basket is a great way to shift the focus back to Jesus. I love the idea of gifting a Bible. Check out this super neat one:

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NIV, Beautiful Words Coloring Bible

Hardcover $25.99

4. Participate in Easter crafts and activities that point to Christ.

Kids of all ages love a good craft project or fun activity! We can design Easter eggs, or make baby chicks, BUT what if we also did some crafts that point to the cross and that empty tomb. Pinterest is swarming with ideas! But if you lack creativity, here's an easy idea:

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Coloring Easter cross


5. Go to church.

Rather you attend church on a regular basis or not, Easter is the perfect Sunday to load up your family for a church service. A church service focused on the truth of Easter is sure to remind you and your family what it's all about. So, start asking around and find a local church to attend on Easter Sunday.

Jesus IS the entire reason for Easter. Often, we celebrate Easter, but somehow forget Him. It's like having a party for someone but forgetting to invite them! Over the next couple weeks, let's be sure we are including Jesus in our Easter celebration.

It's ALL because He LIVES!!!

What are some ways your family makes Easter all about Jesus? I would love to hear your ideas! Drop a comment below.

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