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2 Easy Ways to Avoid Sin & Embrace Grace

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

2 easy ways to avoid sin and embrace grace. Sinner. Avoiding Sin. Temptation. Grace. I choose Grace. Faith.

Today as I hurriedly tried to straighten my home before we had company I grabbed the broom and began to sweep the floor.

As I swept, a pile began to form, the dirt and dust and food crumbs began to pile up. There was nothing particularly special about the pile, yet I couldn't help but observe how my toddler was drawn to it. The temptation of what was not allowed seemed more than she could handle.

This seems to happens EVERY single time that I sweep the floor. I start out by observing. As the dust pile begins to form, it never fails that my kids will begin to get closer and closer. I stop, look them in the eyes, and give the warning that they've heard a hundred time before, “do NOT step in my dirt pile, UNDERSTAND?”

The warning pf course grows more stern and serious over time. My toddler usually steps away at first, but then it happens. She steps a little closer, and a little closer. Inch by inch she’s making her way nearer to the pile of dirt. Soon, she’s dancing in circles and her circles are now around the pile. Eventually, she can’t help it, she gets TOO close and scatters the pile of dirt all over the floor again.

Sometimes this is an occurrence that takes place multiple times on the same day. I’ll sweep up the mess again, and then slowly but surely she will inch her way closer, gracefully dancing around the dirt pile, getting as close as she can without dipping her tiny toes in the dirt. But, before long, she has done it again, she slipped, she got too close, maybe in the midst of her twirl she fell directly into the pile. And there’s the dirt. AGAIN. Scattered all over the floor.

Obviously, as a parent I have to discipline her for her disobedience and her normal response is “I’m sorry mom, I didn’t mean to- I wasn’t trying to step in the dirt pile.” As I watch her, I understand her response. It is true. She was not trying to actually step in the dirt pile. What she was doing, however, was trying to get as close as possible to the dirt pile without actually stepping in it.

2 easy ways to avoid sin and embrace grace. How to avoid sin. Sinner. Grace. Grace is enough. Embracing grace. Faith.

How often do I do the same thing? Maybe I am not blatantly and purposefully walking in disobedience to my heavenly Father, but I surely am trying to get as close as possible to that pile of 'dirt' (SIN) without stepping in it.

And, just as in the story of my kids, eventually, I too will lose my balance and fall face first into the mess that I was trying to tip toe around. As I have warned my children, my Father has usually given me a warning as well, but there is something about that particular sin that is just calling me…. As it is frustrating for me to watch Riley fall in the dirt over and over again, I’m sure my heavenly Father looks down wishing I would have just listened the first time. It would have saved me from a dirty mess.

But, just as I clean up her mess again, brush off her knees and give her another warning, the Father so graciously does the same to me each time I fall.

2 easy ways to avoid sin and embrace grace. Avoiding sin. Sinner. Grace. Embracing grace. I choose grace. Faith.

The moral of the story-

#1 Don’t get so close. If there is a sin in your life that seems to draw you in, keep your distance! Our human nature will always want to get as close as possible, but that will always lead to falling down.

#2 If you’ve already fallen down, don’t worry, the Lord is right there ready to help brush you off, and give you another chance. Get back up and revisit tip #1.

Thank God for His grace that never runs out!

2 Timothy 2:22 “Flee the evil desires of youth, pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace…”

What other tips would you add to my list? I can't wait to hear your ideas. Leave me a comment below!

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