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Am I Made for More?

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Finding my purpose. Am I made for more than this? Is there more to this life? Let me help you find the answer!

You and I were made for more.

More than this.

This clocking in and out.

This making sure the bills are paid, and the activity calendar is filled, and the house is up to par.

This going through the motions of life.

This trying to satisfy what is socially acceptable, while we are left with dissatisfaction.

This American dream that we so easily buy into.

The societal norm, where our hopes and dreams lie around a family, and a white picket fence, and a bank account that's never left empty, so that we can go and do and never find ourselves sitting in the quiet, pondering truth.

Somehow, somewhere, we got it all wrong.

You see, there is nothing wrong with a busy schedule, or a prosperous bank account. A family, or a nice home.

But, along the way we forgot what we were REALLY made for.

Made for more. What's my purpose? Finding my purpose. Made for more than this.

What's my purpose? Finding purpose. Made for more. Am I made fore more than this?

And all of this, without purpose, is frankly just NOTHING.

YOU were made for more.

You were made for a PURPOSE.

A purpose BIGGER than you.

A purpose more IMPORTANT than your career, or your fancy car, or your full social calendar.

You were made to LIVE life.

You were made to LOVE God.

You were made to HELP others.

You were made to CHANGE THE WORLD.

God didn't put us all on this big blue ball so we could collect treasures, and pay bills, and climb up a corporate ladder.

He put us here to BE THE LIGHT.



To BE JESUS to the rest of humankind.

Let us not forget, amidst the busy American dream, THIS isn't it. Let's live in the MORE than this, embracing our true gifts, and living out the ultimate call of Christ. You are part of a pretty big plan.

Live there.

Is there more to this life? Am I made for more than this? Let me help you find the answer.

How can you live out your purpose today? I want to hear your ideas! Drop me a comment.

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