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5 Ways to be Your Husband's Bombshell

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

How can I be my husbands bombshell? Here are 5 ways to be your husband's bombshell today!

Alright Ladies, we're going to play a little game?

I'm going to say a word and you reply back with the very first thing you think of.


Ok, here we go!


Be serious, what was the first thing that came to your mind?

You could have thought any number of things, but if you're anything like me, the first thing you probably thought of was Victoria's Secret.

An image I fight with to this very day, is a beautiful woman, blossoming below the neck, possessing curves in all the right places with no hint of extra body fat.

For the longest time, the beautiful and extremely attractive models, dressed seductively in lingerie, flashing across my television screen and mind, were the epitome of a bombshell until God revealed to me one of the most valuable things I have learned in my (then four years) of marriage.  To find out what I learned, you can read one of my most popular posts, Wives, Your Husband Wants You to be His bombshell!

Since learning what I had that day—something that completely transformed my marriage and was the seed that grew into my first ebook, Sex & Intimacy After Marriage & Motherhood— I have been on a journey.  What does it really mean to be a wife after God's own heart, and what does satisfying my husband's most basic of needs really look like?

You see, my dear sweet friend, maybe you have been believing the lie that so many married women with children wrestle with on a daily basis, myself included: "I am not what my husband wants. I was a long time ago, but not anymore."

Sister, let me tell you the most liberating thing you may hear all day...That is a lie from the pit of hell!

Now let me replace it with truth and tell you that despite what you may or may not think about your body after having kids—Your husband really wants you to be his bombshell!

Don't believe me? Tonight after the kids are all tucked in for the night, rummage through your bottom draw and choose the sexiest set of lingerie that you own but maybe have tucked away since having babies, sure that you would never be seen by your husband in it again. Put it on, and see what your husband says.

In all honesty, he might not say anything but proceed to delight in you as the good and perfect gift that God created just for him.

Looking for ways to be your husband's bombshell? Join me below as I share with you five ways to be your husband's bombshell.

Wear sexy lingerie

This is the most obvious way to be your husband’s bombshell and I realize that I just finished suggesting this, but let me be real for a moment and remind you or tell you for the first time that your husband. Loves. Your. Body. Bring sexy back with your favorite matching bra and panty set, and you'll hit him below the belt in matter of seconds.   Maybe wearing lingerie was something you did when you were a newlywed because it spiced things up, but don't now because, well, I know what having babies does to literally every part of our bodies. Trust me, your husband adores everything about your body even if he doesn't articulate it.  He was designed by God to love your body. Flaunt it. Own it. For more on Overcoming Insecurities in the Marriage Bed, click HERE!

Be fun, playful, and flirty

Maybe this takes you by surprise but there’s more to being a bombshell than wearing lingerie, just like your husband fell in love with you for more than your body!

I will take a wack at it, and guess that when you met your husband and began dating him you went out of your way to be fun.  When he teased you, you teased him back.  Undoubtedly you got your flirt on.  Bring it back and I promise it will add a new dimension of intimacy to your marriage.

Don't take yourself so seriously

Remember that boy in grade school who picked on you, and you know now secretly had a crush on you?

A piece of that little boy resides within your husband, and when he picks and makes fun of you, it's because he's into you, Girl!

I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but I take things way too seriously. My husband will try to joke and play around with me, and I get easily offended because I think he means everything he says.  Take it from a girl who knows, as I'm sure you do as well, being too serious is a buzz kill, especially when your husband is making an effort to have some fun with you.

Be your husbands bombshell by being confident.

Be confident

There’s nothing more attractive than a woman who owns who she is.  I have to admit, I struggle in this area and am working on it myself. Hold your pretty head high; cherish who God made you to be and I promise your husband will take notice.

Adorn yourself

There are many ways to be your husband’s bombshell but one of your husband’s favorites is when you adorn yourself for him.  Now let me add that adorning yourself, is in my opinion, one of the hardest things to do as a wife and mother, especially with little kids running around, but I have learned that doing so has the biggest payoff in my marriage long-term.  Nothing says you love your husband more than an outward reflection of an inner commitment. Paint your toenails that sexy red color or wear that flashy pair of stretchy skinny jeans that hug your curves just right.  Go out of your way to make your husband proud, and enjoy every second of him pining over you!

With every checkout isle in every store across this nation, there is at least one with the face of a beautiful woman trying to take the place that is rightfully yours as your husband's bombshell.  From some of the wisest words ever spoken by any preacher, "Do your husband so good, that no other woman even exists."

How to be your husband's bombshell. Here are 5 simple ways.

How yo be your husbands bombshell by Danielle Miller

This post was written by our friend, Danielle Miller, over at

Danielle Miller is a stay-at-home wife of five years, mother of three, and author of the ebook, Sex & Intimacy After Marriage & Motherhood. Her passion in life is that of servanthood to her husband and children, but also to inspire and motivate the weary mamma at her blog, A Woman of Virtue where she blogs about marriage, motherhood, faith, and more.

Thanks Danielle!

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