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3 Meaningful Ways to Protect Your Marriage

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Protecting my marriage. How can I protect my marriage from divorce? Purposeful Marriage. 3 ways to protect your marriage.


It's the basis for our family unit and its valuable, wouldn't you agree?

But, often we can find ourselves unintentionally slipping into habits that can be damaging to our marriage long term. So, why not set some boundaries right now in order to protect your relationship? Here are some easy and important ways to protect yourself from marital danger:

1. Create Social Media Boundaries

As a married woman, there are very rare occasions in which I should ever find myself having a conversation via text, facebook messenger, snapchat, etc with someone of the opposite sex. Extreme, right?!

I believe that anything that is private and easily hidden can be one of those areas that slowly fade into something it was never intended to be. A seemingly meaningless and innocent conversation can quickly turn into a means for emotional adultery, which often leads to more.

Yes, there will be exceptions to this rule. But, have this discussion with your spouse and find out what boundaries you both feel comfortable with in this area.

#2 Create “alone” Boundaries

As a married person, there are also boundaries that should be set up regarding who you allow yourself to be alone with. Again, this may sound extreme but my rule is that there is never really any reason why I need to be alone with someone of the opposite sex- not to go out to lunch, not a car ride together, not even a hang out session with an old friend.

If I have male friends that I would like to hang out with, my husband should be included.

It’s no longer “him” and “I”, it’s “we” and this should be carried into our relationships with others.

How to protect my marriage from divorce. Protecting my marriage. Purposeful marriage. 3 ways to protect your marriage.

#3 Create Verbal Boundaries

This is one I learned from my parents and I find it to be SO necessary. There are certain words in your marriage that should absolutely be off limits.

For example the word “divorce”… we don’t say it. NEVER. We never say this word. Why? Because I have seen many friends start out using the word “divorce” or “separation” as a meaningless threat, but it eventually turns into the real deal. Using these words creates a lack of trust and you can seemingly destroy your marriage just by throwing them around.

Keep in mind, these are general rules. This doesn't mean there are never exceptions to the rules. I would encourage you and your spouse to sit down and talk about these topics.

What boundaries would you add to the list?! Drop me a comment below.

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How can I protect my marriage from divorce?  3 way to protect your marriage. Protecting my marriage. Boundaries. Purposeful marriage.

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