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29 Life Lessons to Learn Before 30

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Life lessons to learn. Life lessons to learn before 30. What I wish I knew before 30. Wise life lessons.

Life is a journey of learning.

So what are the "must knows" before turning the big 30?!? Or at least the life lessons that will make life so much better?!

Here's my list:

1. Things don't matter, people do.

You could always have more money, and you will likely always want more things. But, things are just things, and at the end of the day they are pretty meaningless. Place your energy on the people you love rather than the things you desire.

2. Nobody has it all "together"

No matter what age, nobody has it all together.

3. Live for an audience of ONE.

There will always be the temptation to live up to societies expectations, but with so many people to please you will never succeed. Kick people pleasing to the curb and live for an audience of ONE (The Lord, of course!)

4. Recognize that your emotions can be liars

Emotions are a fantastic thing, but when you find them controlling you instead of the other way around, you may want to stop and recognize that sometimes our emotions get the best of us. Focus on what you know to be absolute truth, rather than what your emotions are telling you.

5. Stop it with the comparison

Especially us ladies tend to play the comparison game often. But comparison won't get you any closer to where you want to be. Focus on what God is doing in your journey rather than what everyone else is doing on theirs.

6. Choose to see beauty

There is beauty in everything- even the most horrific circumstance. Choose to see the beauty in all things.

Plans- just toss those suckers out the window! Life will never go exactly as planned. Be willing to bend your will to the way God leads.

8. There is no such thing as failure

I truly believe failure is God's way of allowing us to learn what we need for our ultimate purpose. So you never fail, not really!

9. Take care of yourself

Self-care is a legit thing. At some point you will end up in the midst of a meltdown if you don't take care of yourself along the way. So, make it a priority!

10. NOBODY has it all together.

Did you catch that?!? NOBODY!

11. Make gratitude a daily practice

Choose to find things to be grateful for every single day. Jot them down. Read them again. Gratitude is good for the heart.

12. Grow wherever you are planted

Stop fixating on where you want to be and think about where God has placed you today. Let yourself flourish where you are at!

13. Cherish all the moments

Time flies, it's cliche, but so true. Cherish every single bit of it, otherwise you will look back and wish you had.

14. Worry less

Will it matter tomorrow? Next month? Next year?

If not, don't worry about it! Choose to stress less and pour your energy into more productive things.

15. Be generous

When you have little, be generous. When you have abundance, be generous. Always be generous, for you never know when you may need a little generosity yourself.

Life lessons to learn. Life lessons to learn before 30. What I wish I knew before 30. Wise life lessons.

Life lessons to learn. Life lessons to learn before 30. What I wish I knew before 30. Wise life lessons.

16. It's okay to need people

You may be tempted to try to do it all on your own. Guess what? You weren't made to live that way. Allow yourself to be okay with needing help! Community is valuable.

17. Never stop dreaming

Don't allow the world to prevent you from what you dream about. And, even if you haven't reached a dream yet, don't give up! Dreams allow us to REALLY live.

18. Dive into God's Word as often as possible

God's Word will center you in truth. Read it, memorize it, write it down. Make it a part of your life as much as you possibly can.

19. Stillness soothes the soul

Be okay with being still. Society is a "never stop" environment. Break that idea by finding stillness on a regular basis.

20. Learn to love yourself

You are awesome! Seriously. It's ok to actually LIKE who you are. It's ok to accept your quirks. Love the person God designed you to be!



22. Laughter truly is the best medicine


23. Enjoy the small things

You know what they say, " enjoy the little things, for one day you will realize they weren't so little." True.

24. Pray constantly

Talk to God. Let Him talk to you. Constant communication with the Creator allows you to go about your day more aware of His work around you.

25. Learn to be content

In all things. Choosing contentment will make your life so much better.

26. Be real & vulnerable

Don't be afraid to be real. Allow people to know your story. You never know who may feel all alone, until they know you!

27. Use your words wisely

That old toothpaste trick is correct. Words can NEVER be taken back. Choose to talk less and listen more. Choose to use your words to build up instead of tearing down. Choose to pause before you say anything at all.

28. Prioritize your life

You will never be able to do it all. So, what is most valuable to you? Decide what your priorities are and live there.

29. oh hey, did I mention, NOBODY HAS IT ALL TOGETHER?!?!

And, in case you didn't know, it's OK to not have it all together. You never will! Release the idea and be the amazing mess you were made to be!

What would you add to my list? I'd love to hear your words of wisdom! Leave me a comment below.

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Life lessons to learn. Life lessons to learn before 30. What I wish I knew before 30. Wise life lessons.

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I think one of the biggest life lessons I learned before 30 was that I don't need to care what other people think of me. Along the same lines as #3, I decided that I really just live for One. I used to catch myself getting embarrassed out in public but then I realized I'll probably never see these random strangers again! Why am I worried about what they think of me?? So I stopped. :)


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